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Established by us two passionate individuals, The Better Half is the birth of our dreams. We are The Better Half simply because we see how bakes and coffee complement each other, thereby being each others’ better half. We also happen to be each others’ better half! Initially set for...readmore

Christmas Special - Santa’s Cookie Package

Christmas Special - Santa’s Cookie Package

Whole Cakes

Looking to get whole cakes for birthdays, parties, celebrations, corporate workshops, as well as other occasions and events?
We've got you covered!

Available in 6" and 9" sizes, including loaf options
From $44


Pretty little tea cakes perfect for cosy gatherings, breakfast meetings, afternoon tea, peckish snacking, as well as your events and dessert tables!

Available from 6pcs/flavour
From $33



For a more personalised option -  let your creativity come into play by building your own customised cake, from the sponge to the sprinkles!



The classic staple of comfort, we currently have cinnamon rolls and chocolate pistachio babka as unconventional sweets option for the addition to your event!