About The Better Half

Established by us two passionate individuals, The Better Half is the birth of our dreams. We are The Better Half simply because we see how bakes and coffee complement each other, thereby being each others’ better half. We also happen to be each others’ better half! Initially set for the establishment of a bakery and coffeeshop combined, we have unfortunately met with many setbacks and hence scaled down our original vision and plans. Unwilling to give up, we have decided to start the bakery online, gradually working our way to achieve our dream of running a bakery coffeeshop. Everything we bake is carefully made from scratch with our bare hands, putting authenticity and love into every knead and every fold – so as to provide honest and real fare for you.

About Us

The Team
Jonathan & Hweeying

He Bakes

Baking is where my passion lies in, apart from my better half. I insist on 100% honest and pure ingredients in our bakes, with no food colourings, preservatives, or improvers. 

I also love good coffee, especially the ones made by Hweeying (hurhur). 

She Makes

A barista and artist, passionate in coffee making and still life oil painting. Also the creative mind/planner/designer/photographer/bake assistant behind this business. A perfectionist & a living ball of energy!

Find my works at www.thewhitespacesg.com!